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I have a new writer, after the others dropped off the map, and I’m glad. I can start bouncing ideas off the new guy, and hopefully guys, and we can hit it from there. Right now, I have to finish a rough draft of episode three. The episode has been outlined in my mind for quite some time, however I just don’t think it’s right. It would be good if it wasn’t Stargate, but something doesn’t scream “this is what the writers of SG-1 would write”, and thats what the original team, and what I want to accomplish. Because in a time when the producers and writers and network want a new direction, some things will change and we fans want more of the same. I understand their angel, but mine is to deliver what the hard core wants.

With that said, I think we can get some episodes turning in a few weeks. It’s the holiday season, so you know, we all have things to do, people to avoid and family to see (and sometimes don’t want to), but that’s what this season is all about. So, probably around two or three weeks within January we will have episode three complete, and be working on both revising and creating new episodes. Which is exciting for you, nonetheless (hopefully, since your reading this blog).

For now, all you have to do is to read this developer blog. I, the “director” and “head writer” (sorta producer, but I don’t spend anything but time and time on this project…), will be writing on this blog, filling you in when I can. Hopefully the other writer(s) will be doing the same, but I really can’t force them. Nonetheless, keep checking in on the blog and enjoy it. When time gets closer to release (which is still set in late 09) I’ll drop some more goose eggs for ya. Other then that, have a good night, and keep it real all the time folks.

– Allen Straith


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Hello world!

Welcome to all! This is the official staff blog for Forgotten Studios. We will update you on all of our projects, which is only Discovering Ida for now, and thats it for now! Check in every now and then and see whats happening!

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