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Announcement: Stargate Discovering Ida!

Dec. 20th, 2008, Tennessee: Staragte Discovering Ida is officially being announced today. We currently have two episodes, and will continue to write more. The plot will follow, mainly, the crew of the first prototype X-305 Theseus, and as they venture into the galaxy named Ida. We are looking for new writers for this project. If you wish to join, please go here and follow the guidelines of posting.The following is the plot for the new story:

The crew of the newly built X-305 Theseus is on a mission of peace gone wrong when they receive a distress message from an old friend. Thor, the Supreme Commander of the Asgard, left detectors in the Ida galaxy meant to warn Earth if the Replicators ever came back. The satellite has detected a threat and the leaders of Earth send the crew to Ida to determine the threat and hopefully destroy it before it comes to the Milky Way Galaxy.

However, there is something dark and sinister lurking and when the crew of the Theseus discover it…it will be too late to do anything about it. Come and discover with us the secrets of the Ancients. To find out their dirty past and the true reason why the Great Four came together in the first place.

Come full circle. And Discover the truth behind Ida.

Stargate Discovering Ida is slated to release sometime late next year. If you wish to know more about Discovering Ida or would like any wallpapers or signatures for the project, look at the top and click the nav. link for Discovering Ida. There you will find an ad for the series and anything else we have.


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