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“Pilot” First-Draft Done and more!

The Pilot will end up being a two-parter or one big movie, however it’s 80% complete. We have to re-work the first twenty pages or so, but thats the easy part.

Also, Episode Three is on it’s way on being complete, and it even has a title. It is called “New Home”. You’ll understand the name when you finally get to read it.

However, if the pilot will be a a two-parter, then it’s more of a three-parter. Because “New Home” is a direct sequel, if you will, to the events in the end of the pilot part two.

Which would you guys rather have, a 120 page script, that will probably take an hour or more to read, or a huge three-part pilot episodes that will span 180 pages in all (but released in three parts, of course)? Reply or discuss at the forums.

We are still looking for writers so please…join now! And also, we are working on a separate Discovering Ida blog that will have a writers thoughts. However, we wont release the link here just yet. Anyway enjoy the forums and make sure you watch the Series Finale of Stargate Atlantis this Friday!!


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